Saturday, November 9, 2013

dcrl summer research

This past summer, I put a small team of students together via UWM's Office of Undergraduate Research. Two professors from Health Sciences had funding from some grants they had received to provide payment of two graduate students to act as project leaders and then I oversaw the group over the course of the summer. We identified a few areas of interest and then set to work on two major projects that our sponsoring Health Science partners had. We did our best to document our design process during the course of the summer and then we put the following document together to outline our team's research. You can view the full pdf here.

As I usually don't work through the summer (other than an occasional workshop and a quick 4 week teaching session), this was a great opportunity for me to test some things in the development of a working group in the DCRL. I wasn't worried about being held to a certain standard as I was doing this for free as I don't get paid during the summer and there was no payment for me from the professors in Health Sciences. The main benefit was to the students, the DCRL, and the professors in Health Sciences... and then I got to play with what one potential avenue could be for developing projects in the DCRL in the future. It was a no pressure kind of situation. 

The Department was quite happy with the work that was done as were the professors from Health Sciences. The work caught the attention of the University Provost and Chancellor and it has lead to a growing interest in digital fabrication and design at my school. I'm in the process of developing a BA and Certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design at UWM. Spread the word to anyone who you might think would be interested in the program as we're hoping to start taking on some graduate positions as well.

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